Computer Diagnostics

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Years ago, cars were much simpler and did not require numerous onboard sensors, computers and computer diagnostics. Vehicles rely more and more on computers.


In this day and age, an automobile technician must be trained in more than just the basics of vehicle repair. Rather, a qualified technician must understand computer diagnostics to properly and adequately service and maintain a vehicle.


Winters Auto operates under the philosophy that the customer should always be informed of what is going on with their car. By staying up to speed on what technicians are doing with their car, consumers are best equipped to make wise and informed decisions about maintenance and repairs. Taking just a moment to go over computer diagnostics will help drivers in this regard.


Modern cars have a computer operating system that is constantly transmitting data about the car. The data flowing through the car’s operating system sends messages to the engine and keeps the car driving properly. Ideally, when a problem arises with the car, the computer will light up the check engine sensor in the car’s dashboard. Other times, the sensor will not light up, but the car will not drive properly. Either of these indications should signal to the driver that it is time to have the vehivle serviced.

If a vehicle’s check engine light is on, computer diagnostics will generally reveal the source of the problem.


One thing drivers should know is that technicians cannot perform computer diagnostics unless they have the most modern equipment. Most people understand that computers are constantly evolving. This means that an old computer diagnostics machine simply will not work on a more modern car. Winters Auto has the equipment and tools necessary to handle just about any vehicle that drivers could bring in.

Of course, in addition to having the proper equipment, technicians must have the requisite training to actually utilize the equipment properly.